The scientific success of Sputnik V is undeniable, a real diplomatic coup, which has the potential to extend Russian influence and its soft power on the international scene.

Russia’s marketing and deployment of their vaccine is clearly focused at achieving a soft power victory in the developing world.  Russia is sure to capitalise on the “success” of the vaccine and build on its geopolitical soft power by scaling manufacturing and distribution in Russia and in other countries. Many nations are looking for a cheap vaccine and Sputnik V will be a long-term instrument of foreign influence for Moscow, particularly in Africa. Russia is busy negotiating with countries in the Middle East, where its vaccine policy is proving to be a major factor in developing trust with its permanent partners in the region. Preparations are underway for the transfer of technology to establish the production of Sputnik V in Turkey and Egypt, as well as to conduct clinical trials in Saudi Arabia. Another beneficiary of the Russian vaccine has been the Palestinians.

Export Sales

  1. Algeria
  2. Argentina
  3. Bolivia
  4. Brazil (domestic production)
  5. Central African Republic (potential customer)
  6. Czech Republic (asking for a batch of Sputnik 5)
  7. Egypt (domestic production)
  8. Guinea
  9. Hungary
  10. India (domestic production)
  11. Ivory Coast (potential customer)
  12. Kazakhstan (domestic production)
  13. Mexico
  14. Montenegro
  15. Nepal
  16. Nicaragua
  17. Pakistan
  18. Palestine
  19. Paraguay
  20. Republic of Korea (domestic production)
  21. Saudi Arabia (clinical trials)
  22. Serbia
  23. Slovakia
  24. Turkey (domestic production)
  25. United Arab Emirates (Sputnik 5 approved)
  26. Uzbekistan
  27. Venezuela
  28. Zimbabwe (potential customer)

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