Ban Items:

• Cattle meat: fresh, chilled or frozen

• Pork: fresh, chilled or frozen

• Poultry and its subproducts: fresh, chilled or frozen

• Salted, dried or smoked meat

• Fish, shellfish, scallops and other aquatic invertebrates

• Milk and dairy products

• Vegetables

• Fruit

• Nuts

• Sausage and similar meat products

• Cheese and similar products

Ban: Effective immediately and will last for one year

Target Countries: European Union, USA, Australia, Canada and Norway

Losers: Australia (beef), Belgium (pears), Canada (seafood), Finland (dairy products), France (fruits), Germany (apples), Greece (fruits), Netherlands (fruits and vegetables, cheese), Norway (salmon, seafood), Poland (fruits and vegetable, polish pig meat), Spain (fruits and vegetables) U.K. (frozen fish, cheese), USA (poultry, fruits)

Substitute countries: Brazil (meat), New Zealand (cheese)



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