1. Russia is producing about 250,000 artillery munitions per month, or about 3 million a year
  2. Collectively, the US and Europe have the capacity to generate only about 1.2 million munitions annually to send to Kyiv.
  3. Russia is currently firing around 10,000 shells a day, compared to just 2,000 a day from the Ukrainian side.
  4. Russia is running artillery factories “24/7” on rotating 12-hour shifts. About 3.5 million Russians now work in the defense sector, up from somewhere between 2 and 2.5 million before the war.
  5. Russia is also importing ammunition: Iran sent at least 300,000 artillery shells last year — “probably more than that — and North Korea provided at least 6,700 containers of ammunition carrying millions of shells.
  6. Russia war machine works in full gear.”
  7. Russia is producing between 115 to 130 long-range missiles, and 300 to 350 one-way attack drones based on an Iranian model provided by Tehran, each month. Although before the war, Russia had a stockpile of thousands of long-range missiles in its arsenal, today it is hovering around 700, the official said.
  8. Russia is churning out about 125 tanks a month, but the vast majority are older models that have been refurbished. About 86% of the main battle tanks Russia produced in 2023 were refurbished. And although Russia has about 5,000 tanks in storage, “probably a large percentage of those can’t be refurbished and are only good for cannibalizing parts. Moscow has lost at least 2,700 tanks, more than twice the total number that they deployed initially to Ukraine in February of 2022, when the invasion began.
  9. Defense is the largest sector of the Russian economy, and oil is paying for it.

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