• Fighting corruption
  • Law on staffing for the National Anti-Corruption Bureau
  • Law regulating lobbying in line with European standards, as part of an anti-oligarch action plan
  • Law addressing recommendations from the Venice Commission (an advisory body of the Council of Europe) in areas such as the language used by the state, media and education.


  • Stepping up the fight against anti-corruption
  • “de-oligarchization”
  • More steps toward a comprehensive justice reform.


  • Fight against disinformation
  • Foreign (namely Russian) interference
  • Political polarization
  • Ensure free and fair elections in parliamentary vote
  • Rein in the security services
  • Carry out substantial judicial reforms
  • Empower anti-corruption agencies
  • Strengthen human rights protections
  • Improve on “de-oligarchization” plans


  • Refrain from measures that are not in line with EU standards
  • Further efforts needed on freedom of expression, minority issues, and property rights
  • Further efforts in key areas of the rule of law, such as the fight against corruption and organized crime.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Restrictions on freedom of expression and media freedom
  • Lack of steps to develop socio-economic reforms
  • Poor functioning of the judicial system
  • Fight against corruption.


  • Improve its relations with Serbia
  • Work on public administration reform
  • Fight against corruption
  • Improvement of the judicial system
  • Improving its administrative capacity. 


  • Justice reform
  • Step up its game in the fight against corruption and organized crime.

North Macedonia

  • Work in fighting corruption and organized crime
  • Public administration reform. 


  • Relations with Kosovo and foreign policy
  • Refusal to impose sanctions against Russia
  • Cozy relationship with China
  • Improve its alignment with EU common foreign and security policy
  • Demonstrate more serious commitment in normalizing relations with Kosovo
  • Cooperate in the investigation of the attack by a Serbian militia last October which heightened tensions in the region.

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